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RE: Root password??

> if my rootpw is 'sercret',  so what actually is my password????
> i try to ldapadd, prompted for password, after i key in my root
> password, i got invavlid credential error. any idea?

Your password is whatever you have after the "rootpw" entry in your
slapd.conf. For example, if you have:

rootpw   *wars

Your password would be "*wars" (no quotes of course).

If you see that your password is still not working, ensure that you don't
have any quotes around it in the slapd.conf file (single or double), and
check that it is in the correct location. I have found it to be somewhat
finiky at times. I also have not been able to define different root
passwords for different DB entries (if you are even trying that).

One last note - if you are prompted for your password, don't use quotes.
If you are entering it on the command line (with the "-w" option), be sure
to use quotes to be safe. Some wildcards mean things when you issue them
on a command line.