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RE: Root password??

At 20:25 12/30/2002, you wrote:
if my rootpw is 'sercret',  so what actually is my password????
i try to ldapadd, prompted for password, after i key in my root password, i
got invavlid credential error. any idea?

I assume you're referring to the rootpw in slapd.conf... if rootpw is "secret", that ***is*** the clear-text password. Otherwise, the password is whatever was added to the directory for the binddn you're using on the ldapadd command line.

If you're working with a basic default install and haven't yet changed the password in slapd.conf (which you should do ASAP), the correct command line is "ldapadd -D rootdn-from-slapd.conf-goes-here -w rootpw-from-slapd.conf-goes-here


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