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Re: Not able to apply patch....Directory missing...

> Hi,
> Am not able to apply patch for IDL_SLAB(jongchoi-IDL_SLAB-021115.diff) .
> I have openldap version 2.0.27 and theres no directory  named back-dbd.
> the patch utility is actually trying to patch back-bdb.h in back-bdb . I
> picked up this patch after looking thru the archives of openldap mailing
> lists.[ Since i needed better search performance.] I'm not sure if this
> patch is for the openldap version i have.since the directory itself is
> not present i'm not sure if i'm using berkely db(thats what back-bdb
> refers to right??) How do i make sure that i'm using berkely db and not
> anything else? please help.

In fact, that patch is for 2.1; if you use 2.1 you'll get far better
performances even without the patch (which is not yet released and thus
might result in an unstable system).


Pierangelo Masarati