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Re: OpenLDAP & Outlook

At 08:11 12/22/2002, you wrote:
I have read these references to the FAQ messages, but as far as I
understand them they only explain what the mapping is between certain
commonly-used LDAP attributes and the 'corresponding' Outlook attributes.
But was of all those many attributes do I really need to add to my
schema in order to get a 'contact' person appearing in my Outlook-Ex. ?

Well... it's easy to understand the source of your confusion since I omitted a critical piece of information from my original note. You also need to look at http://www.yo-linux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialLDAP-GILSchemaExtension.html. You'll find additional information as well as an extension.schema you can include in slapd.conf. That should get you going.

Sorry for the confusion.


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