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Re: OpenLDAP & Outlook

At 14:29 12/16/2002, Rob wrote:

this question has been posed already multiple times in the past on this
forum, including by myself, but apparently no-one has an answer on this
very obvious integration question of a commonly used email program
(Outlook) with an alternative (openLDAP) for the proprietary directory
servers (M$'s Active Dir, iPlanet's Dir Server).

Too bad ...

Which has made absolutely no since to me since IE is perfectly capable of doing an LDAP query against an OpenLDAP server and displaying the generic Microsoft address book entry you get for Active Directory -- provided you have the appropriate schema in place. So I keep plugging away at it and have made it thus far.

With OE, I can actually see the directory and do searches, but the directory itself doesn't show up as an item in the address book drop-down... and the only thing I can do from the search dialog is copy the LDAP entry to the local address book.

With Outlook, I can actually get the directory to show up in the drop down... I had to reconfigure Outlook's email support for corporate rather than internet-only. This got me the advanced services dialog in the Control Panel where I was able to add a new service for LDAP. That got the directory to show up in the drop-down, but I have yet to actually make the thing connect. As a matter of fact, if Outlook is running, OE's LDAP search fails. Close Outlook and OE's LDAP search works just fine.

Is this another one of those cases where MS says they support an open technology but hide how you actually make use of it?