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RE: OpenLDAP 2.1.9 on Alpha Linux

I would be happy to track this down, but an strace of the slapd process
(even with
the -ff option to trace children) does not trace the children, and
after the server
starts, any useful strace info is lost and I get no more than what is
in the log. An strace
of the ldapclient process shows that the server gives an "invalid DN"
response (although
this fact never shows up in master.log).

Is there a way to limit slapd to one server process so that the strace
would continue giving
diagnostics when the client makes a request? As it is, the client is
hitting one of the child
processes, and the strace does not see it.

Thanks, Mike.

>>> "Howard Chu" <hyc@highlandsun.com> 12/21/02 09:26am >>>
Sounds like this may be related to ITS#2188 in the bug database.
there's a portion of code relying on sizeof(some type) that has gone
wrong. I
don't have either of these platforms to test on though, and my builds
of 2.1
on Solaris64 work without any trouble so I can't guess what the exact

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> Hi,
> Has anyone succeeded in compiling, installing and running 2.1.9 on
> flavor of Alpha Linux. I have SuSE 7.1, and 2.1.9 (also with 2.1.8
> 2.1.5) compiles fine, but hangs on the first test with a
> errno=35 (Resource temporarily unavailable) in the master.log. I
> tried compiling with and without IPv6 (in an strace it tries
> IPv6 first
> and always switches successfully to IPv4).
> Thanks, Mike