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RE: OpenLDAP 2.1.9 on Alpha Linux

Sounds like this may be related to ITS#2188 in the bug database. Probably
there's a portion of code relying on sizeof(some type) that has gone wrong. I
don't have either of these platforms to test on though, and my builds of 2.1
on Solaris64 work without any trouble so I can't guess what the exact problem

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> Hi,
> Has anyone succeeded in compiling, installing and running 2.1.9 on any
> flavor of Alpha Linux. I have SuSE 7.1, and 2.1.9 (also with 2.1.8 and
> 2.1.5) compiles fine, but hangs on the first test with a ber_get_next
> errno=35 (Resource temporarily unavailable) in the master.log. I have
> tried compiling with and without IPv6 (in an strace it tries
> IPv6 first
> and always switches successfully to IPv4).
> Thanks, Mike