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Unexpected search latency on indexed field.

I'm investigating some odd search behavior from my development LDAP server.

As many of you know, OS/X address book searches for "foo" get forwarded to a
LDAP server in the form 


which is not insane.  I've got a user, though, who was having searches time
out. So, I disassembled his query

to search the sn:        real    0m0.049s
              cn:        real    0m0.050s
              mail:      real    0m0.052s
              givenName: real    1m30.707s

To quote Sesame Street, One of these things is not like the other.

I think I am directing the indexing of all of these fields (or so I'll
assert... )

database	ldbm
index           cn                      pres,eq,sub
index		mail			pres,eq,sub
index		givenName		pres,eq,sub
index		sn			pres,eq,sub

but I don't see a givenName.dbb.  I'm rebuilding the indices right now, just
in case I've fotched something up there, but there's no givenName.dbb in the
new db directory either.  All of these fields are present on most of the
750,000 objects in my database.

I've looked through the FAQs and googled about a bit; but I don't see anything
particlularly evocative. Any idea where I should look? 

- Allen S. Rout