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Re: where are the FM...?

Dear Adam and Hallvard

Thank you for your reply.

attributetype ( 2.16.840.1.113730.3.1.13
NAME 'mailLocalAddress'
DESC 'RFC822 email address of this recipient'
EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match
SYNTAX{256} )

Yes, it's just that schema-definition I use. :)

There is no SUBSTR matching criteria in the schema for this attribute. This is a pretty much part of the standard schema, you shouldn't change it. I suspect if you need a SUBSTR index for this attribute you are using it for something other than the intended purpose (for use by an MDA in determining point of final delivery). Take a look at mail -

I need to construct some maillists out of our directory tree which I have to collect together based on the domain-part of the email-address. The two possible attributes to search for are mailLocalAddress and mailRoutingAddress but for both of them I need to be able to do a search like "*@<domain>" otherwise I have to read out my complete ldap-tree and parse it in the calling perl-script which I do not like to do.

What happens if I add the SUBSTR-criteria to the schema-definition. Will/can it hurt the my mailer (postfix) in any way...?

Thank you for the links provided. I will take a look at these documents.

Furthermore I am searching some stuff to read under the topic "HOWTO tune OpenLDAP". I am not yet sure, but I suspect there are quite some optimizations possible to the standard setup which will give me the speed-up I need.
Alot depends upon you backend.

There is my other need for documentation... :)
I compiled BDB in but from the documentation I can not see how to activate it. So I suspect I am useing ldbm. :(
Is this covered in one of your links...?

Kind regards,
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