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Re: ldapdiff tool

Hi Jorge!

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002, Jorge Bianquetti de las Heras wrote:

> Anybody has used ldapdiff tool?

Never tried it, sorry.

> I NEED use it, but it seems very confusing and documentation y really poor

You maybe want to have a look at ldiff (http://www.xonix.com/ldiff/),
a tool which creates a diff of two ldif files (created using
slapcat).  This may work in a similar way as ldapdiff.

I use it for some days now to synchronize an LDAP master/slave pair,
where some replication changes seem to be lost from time to time (no
idea why and nobody on this mailinglist, who was able to help me).
This works quite well with a little perl script, which takes the
created update file and syncs the changes from master to slave (using
ldapsearch -hmaster | ldapmodify -hslave) to make sure that I don't
see effects of delay between the two slapcat processes.