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Large add fails with I/O error


I'm currently using RedHat-7.3 with openldap-2.1.9 (back-bdb) with
Berkeley DB rpm package db4-4.0.14-14.
I have several groupOfNames classes in my LDAP directory, which are
been built from an SQL database, by a perl script using the Net::LDAP
module. This works fine for most of groupOfNames classes. However, one of
them fails, apparently because there are too many uniquemembers (40000+).
Using Net::LDAP (0.26), I get the "I/O error" code (1) and the message
"Connection reset by peer".
If I reduce the number of uniquemembers entries to 30000 or fewer, I
don't have any problems. Is this a bug ? or a limitation of Berkeley DB