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Question about URI format

Dear list, 

I have a question on the LDAP URI format, which is used in the
crlDP field of X.509 certificate. 

If I need to write the LDAP URI for the following value,

   Foo Co., Ltd.  (in CN Value)

   Foo Co.\, Ltd. (LDAP string representatin)

Which one is the appropriate value for the URI format?

   (1) Foo%20Co.%5C,%20Ltd.   (LDAP URI format) or
   (2) Foo%20Co.%5C%2C%20Ltd. (LDAP URI format)

The first one is that the "," is not escaped and the second one is
that the "," is escaped. The second one looks escaping the value

RFC 2255 cites the RFC 1738, which does not mention the "," escape,
but this RFC 1738 is obsoleted. 

Does anyone enconters the same issue? Would you suggest which format
is correct, considering real-environment?

If this question is not appropriate here, please suggest.

With Best Regards,

Kiyoshi Watanabe