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Ldbm writing and sync speed.

I was poking around the 2.0.27 server, and got interested in
database write performance. I have made a number of tests but
the results don't add up and anyone with insight into the following
is welcome to reply.

All test are made on fairly old Pentium 3, 900 Mhz with a scsi
hard drive, running Win2K.

1) adding a 1000 entries (objectClass: person, about 200 bytes worth
of data) to a server online - takes 3 minutes with indexes on cn/sn
and 2+ minutes without indexes.

2) adding 1000 entries with dbnosync - takes 12 seconds.

3) my own little app that writes 1000 1Kb sized chunks into the SleepyCat
berkeley db, with sync call after every write - takes 40 seconds to

So it takes about 2-3 times longer to write 1000 ldap entries to an
ldbm database then to simply write that many key/value pairs, even
though without the sync server seems to be quite fast.

To recap:
Time(Ldap no sync) + Time(plain db writes) < Time(Ldap with sync)
Where did the minute go? What am i overlooking?