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Samba with OpenLdap and ONLY VIRTUAL ACCOOUNTS!

Hello openldap experts,

I am using RedHat 7.3 and I need a solution to make samba works with VIRTUAL USERS accounts. As i read it from google it's seems to be possibile if i use openldap. I'm not having any prior experience with openladp software. Reading openldap documentation i could't find how to configure samba and openldap to WORK WITHOUT any VALID users SHELL ACCOUNT.

To be clear: I don't want SHELL USERS with different password for samba!!! I want ONLY VIRTUAL USERS (no one shell account) and al of them MUST resides in openldap (or mysql or postgress) database with all attributes (home directory, UID, GID, user, password, workgroup, domain, etc)..... Did someone test this scenario?

Google said that my problem is not well documented and in the past was some tryes about this subject. I found also some info about samba and pam_mysql plugin. It sounds familiar for me because few weeks ago i've configured this plugin to authenticate users for postfix smtp via SQL DATABASE, and everithing was ok.

Actually, i want to do the same work with samba, but i don't know if openldap can do this job exacly as i want. Also, google said that are more projects using samba with openldap support rather then samba with mysql(pgsql) support, so i said to try samba+openldap!

Is anybody here which are using samba (as PDC) + openldap support for users authentication? If yes, what are the limitations for the momment (for ex: is possibile to apply particular virtual soft quota for each openldap-samba shared resources? I could't find any answer for this question too...)!

Any URL with some howtos about configuring samba to use ONLY openldap database ACCOUNTS are wellcome!
I take a look over this URLS:
but i could't find an aswer to my problem.Please help....

Thanks in advance,

Alex Pita