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LDAP query - how to set filters on dn

Hi everybody,

in an LDAP query, is it possible to set filters on the dn?
In particular, I'm interested in select all entries which DN contains an RDN that belongs to a parent of the entry.

A practical example is this:

Let us consider the following ldap server ldap://giis.globus.org:2135/mds-vo-name=vo-index,o=grid

This acts as an index of several ldapserver and also does caching of related info. You can query all the registered ldap servers through it.

Registered LDAP servers can be hierarchically composed under a sequence of RDN mds-vo-name=aName. That's why my question, you don't know the exact position of a specific registered server data in the global tree.

For example, let's retrieve all values for attribute mds-cpu-model:

ldapsearch -h giis.globus.org -p 2135 -x -b "mds-vo-name=vo-index, o=grid" -LLL "(objectclass=MdsCpu)" Mds-Cpu-model

You'll get it for all the vo's.

Now, I want to retreive all the mds-cpu-model for a certain VO (e.g. neesgrid).

Using extensible matching, I tried without success this:

ldapsearch -h giis.globus.org -p 2135 -x -b "mds-vo-name=vo-index, o=grid" -LLL "(&(Mds-Vo-name:dn:=neesgrid)(objectclass=MdsCpu))" Mds-Cpu-model

I guess I misunderstood the meaning of extensible matching, or maybe there is some constraint in the schema attribute which should apply.

Can you help me in this issue?

Thanks, Sergio

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