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RE: Sleepycat and hash functions

So on i686/Linux, I need to either stop the database and copy the
database files, or run slapcat while the database is running
and build a fresh database from the resulting LDIF file?

BTW, one thing I miss here is a program which says how it is safe to
backup/copy the databases in slapd.conf.  It doesn't seem trivial for
the user to find out what is OK.  The options seem to be stop slapd and
copy, slapcat with slapd running, db_dump with slapd running.
So the program could write
- 'dbnum: db_dump slapcat stop' for back-bdb on a big-endian host with
  interprocess mutexes,
- 'dbnum: slapcat stop' for back-bdb on a little-endian host with
  interprocess mutexes or Intel,
- 'dbnum: stop' for other back-bdbs and back-ldbm,
- 'dbnum: unknown' for other backends.
'dbnum:' is the database number in slapd, as given in the '-n dbnum'
argument to slapcat.