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Re: backup of only the delta changes

Hi James,

I may have written some code of use to you (and perhaps others).

> I did some reading on openldap's replication mechanism.  It would seem that theoretically, support for delta backup can be build around the replication log mechanism.  Is something like this already available in openldap?  

I've been looking for the same thing.  What I want to have is a complete
dump at certain intervals, and changes logged in between.  That supports
 (1) quick recovery of the last known state, and
 (2) replay of the whole history based on the changes

What I imagine is a log dir that contains a bunch of dump.N files with the
dumps at timestamp N, and changes.N files that log the changes since then
and up to the next dump.M file.  These would be good to backup.

I have done some patching to slurpd, to get this information out, either
from the master or a slave.  It's not a heavy patch at all, and the writing
of the changes.N files does seem to work.  Would this be interesting code
to share in this community perhaps?

The dump.N files could be generated with the ldapsearch command, and a bit
of trickery with ldapdiff could make the whole thing work as suggested.
That's the point where I got distracted by other chores, which is why you
had't heard about this before.

Rick van Rein.

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