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error while adding record

Greeting every body

I m learning ldap.

I have openldap in my system.

I made a record file and tried to add record.
But it could not happen.

To add I m giving following comamnd
#ldapadd -D "cn=manager, o=pes.edu" -w secret < /home/raj/pes.edu.ldif

After this command I got following error msg:
     adding new entry "o=pes.edu"
     ldapadd: update failed: o=pes.edu
     Ldapadd: Allready exists (68)

my /home/raj/pes.edu.ldif is as follows:
  dn: o=pes.edu
  o: pes.edu
  objectclass: top
  objectclass: organization

  dn: ou=mca, o=pes.edu
  ou: mca
  objectclass: organizationalUnit

  dn: uid=rajeev, ou=mca, o=pes.edu
  uid: rajeev
  cn: rajeev kumar
  objectclass: person
  mailacceptinggeneralid: nirmal_rajeev@linuxmail.org
  ou: mca

  dn: uid=swamy, ou=mca, o=pes.edu
  uid: swamy
  cn: kumar swamy
  objectclass: person
  mailacceptinggeneralid: swamy@yahoo.com
  ou: mca

with regards 
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