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Re: outlook and openldap


I am struggling with the same problem, altough a bit more generic : how can the combination Outlook (-Express, in my case) and OpenLDAP be configured so that there is no local address book necessary for Outlook, but the address-list comes straight (= on-line) from the OpenLDAP server when you open the selection window to specify addresses for a new email message.
Even searching in the addressbook for people with "Name=*" does not return anything.
And yes, the "Accounts" option contains correctly the name and basedn of my LDAP server.

I am fighting with the "loglevel" option in slapd.conf, just to get a brief logging about what query the LDAP server received from outlook.

Any help out there from the gurus ?


Eduardo Eirós wrote:
Hi all
I´m new in this list and I know this is a little bit off-topic, but maybe someone can help me.
I currently have an openldap server offering services for smtp, pop, imap and ssh .OK
I know that there has been disccusion about integrating openldap with outlook clients.
I´m able to do searchs in outlook 2000 after some configuration changes and more.
I´m able to import these searches results in the address book, and to look in ldap for the to: field
Now the question: is there anyway to automatize this process so the client would not have to make searches
in order to have new entries or modifications. I mean a plugin or something that would keep synchronized the outlook
adddress book with the ldap entries. Maybe impossible?
Sorry for my english and thanks.