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Re: dsml

> I'm looking for examples of how to use jndi/dsml in
> order to exploit a dsml document
> I read that Castor DSML was no longer supported  in
> the castor website
> What else can we use to analyse dsml documents?
> Has anyone have examples of use of sun's JNDI/DSML
> service provider?

It depends on what version of DSML you want, and how you want to "exploit"
it... If you want information out of it, I would suggest just using an
XPath library and search through it yourself programaticaly, or us XSL to
transform it into something you can use.

If you want a DSMLv1 tool, the DSMLTools.org stuff works pretty good,
though there are some bugs in it. They may have a v2 tool by now. It is so
simple that we ended up just writing our own implementation for a recent
v2 project.

For JNDI stuff, you may have more luck sending to a Java forum, like the
SeaJug list.