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Re: ldap_add: No such object - another one

Your ldif lacks the entry that defines the root of your DIT. It's not enough to define the suffix in slapd.conf.
You should add something like:

dn: dc=name,dc=com
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organization
o: name
dc: name

BEFORE anything else.
By the way, change your rootdn to something serious and throw in a password (even a plain text one), and see my other comments below.


Sonia Gillespie wrote:

I have defined my files as follows, and do not know what I have done wrong - I have only started using LDAP.
slapd.conf extract:

database	ldbm
suffix		"dc=name,dc=com"
rootdn		"dc=name,dc=com"
index	objectClass	eq

My ldif file -

dn: ou=employee,dc=name,dc=com
ou: employee
description: Staff list
objectclass: top
objectclass: organizationalUnit
ou: employee

remove one of the ou: employee, they're redundant. Also try to keep some order in the entries (it's easier to read - something like dn, then objectclasses, then attributes)

dn: ForeName=Sonia,ou=employee,dc=name,dc=com ForeName: Sonia SurName1: Gillespie Department: dept TelephoneNumber1: 02890509301 objectclass: nameDirectory

I wonder where are the objectclasses for this entry ;-)

And I get the following error -

add ou:
add description:
Staff within Lagan
add objectclass:
adding new entry ou=employee,dc=lagan,dc=com
ldap_add: No such object
ldap_add: additional info: parent does not exist

And I wonder how the description here is "Staff within Lagan" while the entry in the ldif says "Staff list" :-p
Anyway, try to follow the quickstart guide _http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/quickstart.html_ and you'll see all these things are well covered therein.

Can anyone help me?


Sonia Gillespie.

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