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Re: Printing and Related Questions

ons, 2002-12-11 kl. 20:36 skrev Aly S.P Dharshi:

> What I meant by LDAP is that is there a schema that deals with printing
> specifically or is it included in some other schema, I guess the Sun One
> for instance has a similar one for printer location etc etc like the
> information you would store in NIS+/FNS I fear that from what little I
> know of NIS+ that it doesn't really store printer quotas and accounting
> details (correct me if I am wrong) so I doubt that Sun One has this
> facility.
> So my question is that can we store such accounting details in an LDAP
> server, so that when students print something we can track the printer
> quota/accounting. That means an LDAP aware printing program or something
> that maybe able to use LDAP to do this. I don't think that I really care
> about a detailed log of what they have been printing at the moment but
> more like what amount of money they have in their account (in LDAP) to
> be check to allow/deny printing.
> Hopefully this is abit more clearer than my last posting. Thank you for
> your attention.

As you yourself point out, LDAP is different things to different people.
There are many implementors, amongst others IBM, Microsoft, Novell,
Openldap Org, Oracle and Sun. LDAP as such is an emerging standard.

Most implementors are proprietary and each implementation differs from
the other in terms of its present and planned propensities.

This is the Openldap list, and deals with Openldap. What you want (e.g.
quotas) is not possible with Openldap, though it might be so with other




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