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backup of only the delta changes


I am building a large openldap server bank that will handle about 7 million user data (~300 gig) partitioned over multiple machines.  Like most apps, the product i am building consist of 95% read requests and only 5% writes.  I am thinking to tape backup everything nightly seems awefully inefficient.  Is it possible to do backup of only the delta?

I did some reading on openldap's replication mechanism.  It would seem that theoretically, support for delta backup can be build around the replication log mechanism.  Is something like this already available in openldap?  

In case if you are curious why I don't also use openldap's replication.  Actually I do use it for the hot standbys.  However, I also need to keep a historical nightly images of the system going back a month.  That is why the tape backup.


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