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Re: deleting cross-required attributes in an entry

At 09:25 AM 12/10/2002, Ben Goodwin wrote:
>I've got an entry:
>dn: dc=sub,dc=dom,dc=com
>objectClass: dcObject
>objectClass: organization
>objectClass: OrganizationalPerson
>objectClass: inetOrgPerson
>o: My Org
>dc: sub
>sn: Goodwin
>cn: Ben Goodwin
>mail: foo@foo.foo
>(yes, woops), where I want to remove the objectclasses organizationalPerson
>and inetOrgPerson ..

That's illegal per the information model.  The structural class
of an object is immutable.  This is not enforced in older versions
of OpenLDAP (but is in the current 2.1 release).

If, instead, you were trying to delete an auxiliary class and
a mandatory attribute that only the auxiliary class required,
then you just have to do both deletions in one modify.

>Do I have to remove the *whole* entry and start over?

In this case (the structural object class case), yes.