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Re: schema questions

Today at 4:45pm, Daniel Tiefnig wrote:

> Hmm, well, IMHO aliasing is a task of the _server_, and so it shouldn't 
> matter what clients think of it. If they get puzzled by aliases, they 
> [the clients] are perhaps just badly implemented. (Maybe some search 
> filter processing done by the client? Won't work with aliases, 
> obviously.) Or they are used "the wrong way"(tm).

Well, if a client (such as GQ) wants, it can ask the server to tell it 
about all the attributes and the server will tell it that 
"facsimiletelephonenumber" and "fax" are the same attribute so it can 
deal with it.

> Well, that's an error in your code. :o)
> I don't think that's a task that can be addressed by Net::LDAP.

Yes, it was an error in my code.  Never said it wasn't.  I suppose I 
could hack Net::LDAP so it got a complete list of Attributes and 
ObjectClasses from the server but that's beyond what I care to do :-)

> >  I've also found that GQ 0.6.0 has the same problem
> That's not a "problem", it's just intendeed behaviour, I'd say. You 
> could try to add a second facsimiletelephonenumber instead, and the 
> server would've returned the same error.

Well, that feature makes it very frustrating when one is browsing 
objectclasses and clicks on the attribute "fax" to see what its 
definition is and gets nothing.  Since GQ has obviously gotten the list 
of attributes and objectclasses from the server, it is definately an 
implementation fault that it didn't remember that "fax" and 
"facsimiletelephonenumber" was the same thing :-(

> I.e. with OpenLDAP, where schema information isn't stored within the 
> LDAP tree, GQ has no (...) possibility to check the attribute 
> definition, to see whether it has an alias, nor whether it is marked 
> "multiple". It will just "try", and slapd will tell you whether that's 
> ok.

If GQ has no possibility of determineing what attributes are there, then 
how does it let you browse the attributes and objectclasses?  It is 
definately getting the definitions from the server because the schema 
files aren't on the workstation I'm running gq on....

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