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RE: schema questions

Today at 6:26am, Howard Chu wrote:

> No. Real X.500 servers store by OID, most LDAP servers don't. They use the
> string names, so if you undefine the name you may lose access to the data.

Ouch... been there done that to myself :-(

> If both names are defined, it doesn't matter which you use. Generally the
> slapd code will  try to use the shortest name when it returns it to you
> though.

I haven't tested with OpenLDAP 2.1, but 2.0 doesn't do that!

% ldapsearch -x -LLL netid=fcs fax
dn: netid=fcs,ou=People,dc=uvm,dc=edu
facsimileTelephoneNumber: (802)656-0872

While slapd returned the correct attribute, it didn't call it "fax" it 
rather returned the REAL name for the attribute.

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