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Re: being droped from the list?

At 09:57 PM 2002-12-06, Peter Lavender wrote:
>I'm finding that I seem to get dropped from the list with out

 Returned mail 
  If list mail is returned, you may be unsubscribed without warning.
  Permanent SMTP (500 series) errors will result in immediate removal.
  Temporary SMTP (400 series) errors will result in removal if condition
  is not resolved within a reasonable amount of time (a couple of days). 

It's assumed that any warning would be bounced for the same reason list
mail is being bounced.

Common mail problems which lead to removal:
        500: mail exchangers who refuse to exchange
        500: mail servers which refuse to accept all list mail
        400: no mail exchangers
        400: DNS problems

If you get dropped repeatedly, you likely should have your
postmaster look into things... possible contacting the project's