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Re: slapd/slurd stopped replicating

On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 10:08:49AM -0500, Frank Swasey wrote:


>At this point, the steps I would take are:
>1) stop slapd on the slave (if it's running)
>2) stop slapd and slurpd on the master
>3) use slapcat on the master to dump the database
>4) make sure the replica log files on the master are empty
>5) start slapd/slurpd on the master
>6) transfer the slapcat generated file (step 3) to the slave
>7) use slapadd to load the database on the slave

7a) make sure that the user running slapd on the slave has read and write
    to the database. You usually run slapadd as root, then perms might
    be wrong. This took me quite a while once...

>8) start slapd on the slave
>9) change an entry on the master and see if it shows up on the slave