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slapd/slurd stopped replicating


Not sure what I've done wrong here, if this sounds
familiar to anyone?  I've pretty much messed things
up pretty badly by now I guess... but anyway,

I have a slapd.conf on master server with replica
info setup in it.  I have a slave ldap server and
it was replicating beautifully to it for a week or
so.  Then crisis hit and for some reason I can't remember
I shut down the slave server for about a week.

This week, I turned it back on and it won't replicate...

Then I tried some strong arm tacticts and deleted the
slaves databases and related stuff in the hope that
I could just start over... and replicate the whole database
again. That was probably pretty stoopid as I thought
about it as the master server initiates and does the
replication thru slurpd... so then I used more strongarm
tactics and emptied the /var/lib/ldap/replica directory
in the hope that on restarting everything, it would initiate
replicating... so now it still isn't replicating and the slaves
database directory remaains empty... boohoo. I'd like to
start over with the slave, but although I haven't changed the slapd.conbs on either of these,
just powered down the slave for a week, I can't get it to
start again.. how does the master know how much it has to
replicate to the slave? or where does it keep in fo on what
has and hasn't been replicated?