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RE: Newbie SASL Question...

This was something that stumped me for a while, too. It becomes quite
clear how this works only once you've done it before. 

Since you have compiled openldap with sasl support, all you need to do
now in install the sasl mechanisms (shared libraries) and restart
openldap. Openldap will find them on its own and make them available to
you. If you query the DSE for supportedSASLMechanisms and nothing is
found, it means openldap cannot find these libraries (i.e. they either
don't exist or they are not where openldap is looking).

For example, if you choose to compile and install SASL (or SASL2) with
the digest and plain mechanisms. You would find the shared libraries
(libdigestmd5, and libplain) in /var/lib/sasl or /var/lib/sasl2 (or
possibly /usr/local/lib/sasl) depending on your SASL configuration.

Hope this helps.


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>Subject: Newbie SASL Question...
>	Sorry for such a newbie question, but we're all newbies at one 
>time, aren't we?  In any case, I have succeeded in compiling the 
>software (right now, I am working on version 2.0.27) with SASL 
>However, when I try to actually connect with SASL authentication, I am 
>getting the following error:
>	ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute
>	Now, I've found this under the 'common errors' part of the FAQ, 
>but unfortunately the FAQ only tells me -what- has 'gone wrong', and 
>not how to fix it.  I understand that there's no 
>attribute in the root DSE, which is all well and good, but -how- do I 
>go about adding that attribute to the DSE?  Do I have to 
>recompile?  Is 
>it something I can load via ldapadd or slapadd? Or?
>	Any help would be greatly appreciated....
>							Brendan
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