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Newbie SASL Question...


	Sorry for such a newbie question, but we're all newbies at one 
time, aren't we?  In any case, I have succeeded in compiling the 
software (right now, I am working on version 2.0.27) with SASL support. 
However, when I try to actually connect with SASL authentication, I am 
getting the following error:

	ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

	Now, I've found this under the 'common errors' part of the FAQ, 
but unfortunately the FAQ only tells me -what- has 'gone wrong', and 
not how to fix it.  I understand that there's no supportedSASLMechanism 
attribute in the root DSE, which is all well and good, but -how- do I 
go about adding that attribute to the DSE?  Do I have to recompile?  Is 
it something I can load via ldapadd or slapadd? Or?

	Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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