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Reg. installation of OpenLDAP(version 2.0.18) on Windows 2000


Is there anyone who can point me to some good documentation or Suggestions

or Procedures about installation of OpenLDAP(version 2.0.18) on Windows 2000. I've tried enough time for installing the same on Windows 2000.

My quries are:

1. I've downloaded the Berkeley DB(Version 4.1.24) from SleepyCat site and given the same path in my slapd.conf file.Do we need to install the Berkeley DB, if then how to that for Windows 2000?

2. When i gave "slapd" in my command prompt, it displays"starting server..."and then stays with this message...please help me on this....

Expecting your reply at the earliest...

Thanks in advance...

Warm Regards,

Easwari M

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