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RE: problem with subordinate backends

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> > How can I do? Is there un bug with the subordinate command?
> I'm afraid there is.  Please try putting the
> database        monitor
> statement at the end; I need to track the bug down
> and I'm not sure I have time right now.  Note that
> the monitor backend was written before the subordinate
> stuff came in, so I might have used database info in a
> nave way ... ;)

This is more likely my fault in the backglue code. There is no registered
backendInfo structure for the glue backend, and back-monitor expects all
backend types to be registered. There may be a way to rewrite the backglue
code to set that up, I'll take a look. Otherwise we may just need to have
back-monitor check the backend flags and specially handle backglue Instances.
(Which may be a good idea anyway.)

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