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problem with subordinate backends


I have a configuration like this (openldap 2.1.8) :

database        monitor

database        ldbm
suffix          "ou=etudiants,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr" 

database        ldbm
suffix          "ou=pers,dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr" 

database        ldbm
suffix          "dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr"

When I start slapb, I have this error :
slapd: database.c:145: monitor_subsys_database_init: Assertion `j >= 0' failed.

If I remove the database monitor :

I can connect to the server with the base dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr. After a few requests, it aborts (segmentation faults)

If I keep the monitor, and I remove the subordinate, all works perfectly, but I can't ask slapd with the base dc=univ-nancy2,dc=fr
If I ask with the base ou=pers, dc... or ou=etudiants,dc..., all works perfectly
but, I can't ask with the base dc=univ-nancy2.fr

How can I do? Is there un bug with the subordinate command?

Vincent MATHIEU                 
CRI - Universite NANCY 2            | Email : Vincent.Mathieu@univ-nancy2.fr
Pole Lorrain de Gestion             | Tel   : (33)
13, Rue Michel Ney - C.O. 75        | Fax   : (33)
54013 Nancy Cedex.   FRANCE