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auto.master with fallback searchbase

Hi all,

We're moving from NIS to LDAP and try to figure out a convenient way how to store the data in LDAP w/o duplicating too much.

On the clients, in the case of auto_home, we thought about the following configuration in auto.master (under RedHat 7.3):

/home    ldap:nismapname=auto_home,dc=inf,dc=ethz,dc=ch

This works great, as long as every user only has one auto_home entry. We`ve added a new ou (isg) where *some* users have a different home. Using those entries looks like this:

/home    ldap:nismapname=auto_home,ou=isg,dc=inf,dc=ethz,dc=ch

No magic here, this works great. But what happens if I don`t want to duplicate all the auto_home entries into isg? Is there a way I can configure this with a kind of a fallback solution, i.e.:
look for an entry in 'ldap:nismapname=auto_home,ou=isg,dc=inf,dc=ethz,dc=ch', if there is none, look in 'ldap:nismapname=auto_home,dc=inf,dc=ethz,dc=ch'?

Thanks for any suggestions.