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Re: how use lastmod to track last modify time

søn, 2002-11-24 kl. 13:10 skrev Peter Marschall:

> On Sunday 24 November 2002 03:01, james liang wrote:

> > By the way, you can use ldap filter on modifyTimestamp too.  For example
> > you can search for modified entries from a particular time by using
> > modifyTimestamp in a search filter.

> Don't ask try it yourself ;-)

The above is not a question in English, it is always an assertion :-) It
*could* be a question in any other of the 5 North European languages I

> I tried it and it worked with exact matching (modifyTimestamp=...)
> and with less or equal than (modifyTimestamp<=....).
> Don't forget the Z at the end of the time value

O.k. Disregard my last question, I kept putting spaces in the whole
time, and spaces do not work, we know that, don't we? Shame on me..

This works as I would have hoped:


But no globbing possible, the value has to be exact.

So that's settled that one, thanks Peter.




Tony Earnshaw

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