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Re: how use lastmod to track last modify time


On Sunday 24 November 2002 13:33, you wrote:
> O.k., but supposing I want to find all (modifyTimestamp)s more/greater
> than 20021108214351Z or 200211082143* ? I *did* try a few different
> filters, but it ain't happy. Doesn't surprise me, though, 'cos this kind
> of thing won't work with normal filters, either (integer comparison
> doesn't work).
In my tests with OpenLDAP 2.1.8 the filter (modifyTimestamp<=20021108214351Z)
To get the reverse (i.e. >=) you have to use the (|(!(...<=...))(...=...)) 
trick [i.e. (not <=) or = ] since LDAP filters know only <= as ordering 
You have to keep the Z at the end since the value isn't an integer but a time

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