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Re: aliasing entries

ons, 2002-11-20 kl. 05:18 skrev Peter Lavender:

> The problem I have discovered is the handling of the aliased objects
> in the client I'm using.  I also saw someone else in the list also had
> questions about it with ldapsearch.

> What is the gernally acceptable way of doing this?  It makes sence
> that some mechanism is available to prevent duplication of people
> objects in a directory where they would appear more than once.

The problem is, that with BDB database libraries (which I use) at least,
aliasing isn't supported (was confirmed in this list). Although LDAPv3
makes provision for it.

This is a real thorn in the flesh as far as I am concerned and has made
me find an alternative to Openldap for commercial use.




Tony Earnshaw

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