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aliasing entries

Hi Everyone,

I have a question that has come about with recently playing with the
alias objectclass.

To begin with simply, I have been sorting out the mess that is my
multiple address books.  

I have organised the dit along these lines:

At the same level:


Now some people will fall into the Friends and Work category, so it
seemed to me to make sence that I alias their entry in the part of the
tree that they are not already in.

The problem I have discovered is the handling of the aliased objects
in the client I'm using.  I also saw someone else in the list also had
questions about it with ldapsearch.

What is the gernally acceptable way of doing this?  It makes sence
that some mechanism is available to prevent duplication of people
objects in a directory where they would appear more than once.

Another example would be an organisation that has many departments,
where people hold positions in more than one of them.

In this case it would to me make sence if there is a flat ou=People
and where they show up in the department a "pointer" of sorts (alias?)
that points back ot the person object with all their details.

I know this falls more into DIT design and functionality, but I have
been wondering about this... but I haven't really found much about it.

Thoughts from any and all is appreciated.