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Re: address family not supported

* Tony Earnshaw (tonni@billy.demon.nl) wrote:

> tir, 2002-11-19 kl. 11:35 skrev Peter Lavender:
> > daemon: socket() failed errno=225 (Address family not supported by
> > protocol)
> This has nothing to do with your problem, it refers to IPV6 support and
> simply says that you don't have it. It isn't breaking anything, your
> problem lies elsewhere.
Yeah.. I realise from the FAQ that it's something to do with IPV6, but
I hadn't seen this error prior to getting into the SSL stuff.. so I
was wondering if it had anything to do with that... clearly not. :)

> To solve the TLS or SSL problems, please do consult the archives. Much
> has been written about it in this group, during the last few months.

Yep... I'll check it out..