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Re: replica catchup to master

> the functionality for this in OpenLDAP.  Therefore, assuming I load a new
> replica with an older DB, after adding it in as a replica in the slapd.conf
> file on the master, how do I get the master to replay changes to the
> replica?

	Add the new slave to your replication list in slapd.conf before
you actually set it up.

	Then, lock the database (by shutting down the master or putting
the master into a read-only mode), copy over the correct backend files
(.gdbm files?), and then start the new slave.

	Any changes that slurpd was unable to propagate before the new
slave became "live" will be saved in the replication log.  You then use
slurpd with '-o' in one-shot mode to add those changes (if any).

	This is all clearly documented in the admin guide, read there for
more info.