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RE: homePostalAddress attribute

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> man, 2002-11-18 kl. 14:29 skrev Andrew Findlay:
> > > It's not what I believe or not, personally I couldn't
> care less, as long
> > > as everything works as it should, for both clients and servers.
> > The only way to be sure of that in the long run is for everthing to
> > conform to the standard. As has been shown by a previous poster, the
> > standard is clear about the correct format and newlines do not come
> > into it.
> I guess you'd have to convince the umpteen existing clients
> about this,
> first, at the same time remembering that those same clients also serve
> iPlanet, eDirectory/NLDAP, Active Directory and whatever further ldap
> servers there might be. And those clients *work* with
> newlines, they do
> not work with $ delimiters.

> At the same time, think of the many and varied LDAPv3 "standards" to
> which Openldap does not (yet? / will ever?) adhere.

That is simply a matter of time. If more of you folks spent time coding
instead of complaining about code that doesn't exist, then the time might be
> As far as the word "standard" goes, there is also the law of the "de
> facto" standard :-)

De facto standards only rule when there are no de jure standards to begin
with. These schema definitions have been around for a long time, longer than
most publically available LDAP clients. Clients that don't work properly with
this syntax are simply broken. "Correctness" is not a popularity contest.

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