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Re: homePostalAddress attribute

fre, 2002-11-15 kl. 12:46 skrev Peter Lavender:

> Anyway, while trying to capture all the info I can about an entry, I'm a
> bit stuck, the homePostalAddress attribute says it can have upto 6 lines
> of 30 chars each.

> Just how do i store that in the ldif?

> I read the description of the attribute on 

> http://ldap.akbkhome.com/objectclass/inetOrgPerson.html

As far as I can see, with 2.1.8, it's simply a newline. If I enter my
address into GQ and save it, then my slapcat -l ldif gets a base64

If I then do 'echo -en TXVnZ2VubGFhbiAzCjI0NDEgQ0wgTmlldXd2ZWVu |
mimencode -u', it simply outputs a newline.

> I have the $ sign in there, however it shows up in the Evolution client
> when I look up the entry...

My 1.0.8-99 Evo doesn't like homeaddress one little bit and will neither
show or change it. I had to radically change evoperson.schema somewhere
around Openldap 2.1.6/8 and perhaps it was that.

I'm gradually downloading Evo 1.2 in bits and pieces (modem), and
perhaps that will be better, see tomorrow.




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