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Re: Internationalization (supports Unicode and language tags)


"Andriy Galetski" <andriy@druzhba.lviv.ua> writes:

>> Andriy Galetski writes:
>> > I install and run openldap 2.1.8 on FreBSD 4.7 UNIX
>> > How can I add ldap entries with KOI8-R (cyrylic) symbols.
>> > When I try ldapadd
>> >
>> > ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
>> >         additional info: cn: value #0 invalid per syntax
>> That's easier to answer if you show us which CN you tried to add, but:
>> Maybe you encoded the attribute as KOI8-R?  You should encode the
>> attribute as UTF-8.  Your client should convert between KOI8-R and
>> UTF-8.
> Yes indeed I use KOI8-R localized FreeBSD environment
> and put KOI8-R encoded attribute.
> My goal is -- make in ldap address book with russian names for MS Outluk
> But I can't find any example how to do it ( particularly when CN is not in
> English sumbols)

Openldap can only handle UTF-8 encoded characters. 
Look for a tool called iconv, it should be part of GNU C Library and
convert your KOI8R characters to UTF-8
iconv -f KOI8R -t utf-8 -o file-utf-8.txt input-koi8r.txt


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