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Slapcat never ending

I'm seeing a very strange behavior in an OpenLDAP installation.

I have a server with openldap 2.0.19 running on Solaris 8, compiled with
gcc 2.95.3. I discovered that some of the entries were not found, but were
in the ldap database. For instance, whenever I tried to add an object it
would tell me "already exists", but searching for the object would not yield
any results. I figured that the indexes must be corrupt (I'm using gdbm as a
backend), but since this is critical system I did not want to bring down the
service during the slapindex run.

I configured another Solaris 8 box with OpenLDAP 2.0.27 compiled with gcc 3.2.
I then brought down the slapd process on my main ldap box and copied over all
the .gdbm files to the new machine. I then tried to run a slapcat on the new
machine to see wether the entry I was looking for existed, but slapcat never
ended! I had to abort when it had over a gigabyte of info in the ldif file.
My normal ldif (from slapcat) is about 30 megabytes.

What could be happening? How can I debug this?



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