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Re: Address book authntication

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002, Kannan R wrote:

> This is the access list I have specified.
>                access to dn="uid=*,o=Sifyaddress" by users read
>                access to dn="uid=*,o=Sifyaddress" by self write

I use this one on the by clause:
by dn.regex="cn=[^,]+,ou=admins,ou=brukere,dc=funn,dc=no" write

Guess you have to make an entry like this one:
access to dn.regex="uid=*,o=Sifyaddress" by self write
access to dn.regex="uid=*,o=Sifyaddress" by users read

And remember that the write enabling entry usually have to go first.

Asbjørn Eliassen
Fiolstien 1B-6   
8515 Narvik