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Re: Does OpenLDAP do this?

>I'm new to the list, and new to OpenLDAP also.
>I would like to know if OpenLDAP some kind of feature.
>This is my situation: I have a home network with 1 server (RH7.3) and 2 
>win2k workstations. Workstations logon via Samba (PDC) to a domain 
>(domain.home) using users configurated in server machine. Now I have a new 
>workstation I would like to use it with Linux (RH8.0), but I would like this 
>new Linux workstation to work on the same domain (domain.home) logging on the 
>same way as w2k machines, i.e. with users configurated on the server. 
>Can OpenLDAP do this?

OpenLDAP can be used as the SAM for a Samba PDC, so yes.  But the
remainder of the information on how such a configuration works is for a
Samba list.  I also cover this in my LDAP presentation -