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Does OpenLDAP do this?

Hello LDAPers,

   I'm new to the list, and new to OpenLDAP also.
   I would like to know if OpenLDAP some kind of feature.
   This is my situation: I have a home network with 1 server (RH7.3) and 2 
win2k workstations. Workstations logon via Samba (PDC) to a domain 
(domain.home) using users configurated in server machine. Now I have a new 
workstation I would like to use it with Linux (RH8.0), but I would like this 
new Linux workstation to work on the same domain (domain.home) logging on the 
same way as w2k machines, i.e. with users configurated on the server. 

   Can OpenLDAP do this?
   If not, any suggestions?

Rapazito PT
A Linux Newbie from Portugal