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Re: RFC2739 calEntry schema


On Sunday 10 November 2002 00:03, Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> What is an acceptable name for the schema, Peter?

Following the naming schma of inetorgperson.schema I called it
calentry.schema on m system.

> My only idea was, that it would be wonderful if someone could get it
> working So, Peter did and it's wonderful.
I would like to keep up the discussion if IA5String is the correct
SYNTAX for the attibutes in it.
Maybe Directory String would be better (although it is contrary to what the 
RFC says).

Tony, would you mind to test it by changing the syntax OIDs to .1.15
and leaving "IA5" out of the matching rules.
(Of course you need non-ASCII characters in the URIs to see any difference ;-)

Can anybody give me a clue what to do to correct an RFC that contains
obvious errors ?


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