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Re: RFC2739 calEntry schema

lør, 2002-11-09 kl. 16:38 skrev Peter Marschall: 

> here is my try for the RFC2739 schema.

Well, I tried it neat with 2.1.8 and Berkeley 4.1.24 (don't know whether
Berkeley has anything to do with rfc2739) and it swallowed it hook, line
and sinker. 

GQ's new schema tab is a sight for sore eyes.

But the best, the *very* best and one of the things that C**** T***** 
of the Evo hackers has been too "afflicted" (Dutch "beroerd") to tackle,
is that the Ximian Evolution LDAP public calendar URL and Free/Busy URLs
****are not greyed out any more and can be used****. Evy Breivik, as
first of many, has 'objectClass: calEntry' in her object and a bunch of
extra usable cal* attributes.

What is an acceptable name for the schema, Peter?

> It is based on Terrelle Shaw's version with ideas by Tony Earnshaw
> and AdamWilliams.

My only idea was, that it would be wonderful if someone could get it working
So, Peter did and it's wonderful.




Tony Earnshaw

So mangt eit ord kunde vori usagt.

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